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Olivia & Donovan's Wedding at Silchester House

I was asked by my old friend Olivia to photograph her and Donovan's Wedding at the stunning Silchester house in Reading. This first image is one of my favourites from the day....

The following images are from the morning preparations. Both Olivia and Don got ready at the house which made switching between the two easy. I also had a lovely second shooter called Emma Jane Smith from @yourbeautifulday_photography

Finally preparations are under-way. Then its time for the ceremony.

After Family and group photographs the wedding party headed in for the speeches and wedding breakfast ....

The L.O.V.E. letters made a lovely addition to the decorations.

Once golden hour hit we spent another half an hour with Olivia and Donovan to get some extra images of just the two of them. Its fair to say the light asset as the couple were absolutely gorgeous.

The groomsmen and best woman got the chance to catch Olivia's bouquet.

I absolutely loved photographing Olivia in her dress.

Then onto some quick group photos before the evening do...

Onto the evening do, I loved all the star lights on the dance floor and curtain!

Thank you so much for having me along to your special day! I hope you love these photos and theres many many more to come! Vivienne xx

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