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Chateau De Varennes France destination W

My wedding packages start from £1,600! See my images & more info here...

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Fashion is my passion. Click here to see all my photography work...

Vivienne Edge Photography

I also offer a mentoring and retouching service! Please contact me for more info.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and see more of my love for photography.

I mainly shoot fashion, beauty and model portfolios but I also take on a small number of weddings a year.

I love that I get to travel all over the world with my work, I am however based in Yorkshire.

Please get in touch to chat about your shoot, whatever your requirements may be!

My interest in photography grew from many years of working as a model, mainly for photography courses!

This gave me, what I believe is a very privileged beginning into the industry. I learnt from some of the best in the

photography world - Lighting, posing and locations came pretty naturally to me, the camera setting were the complex part.

However once I’d purchased my first semi-professional camera and lighting equipment,

the settings became second nature, with a little practise...!

I have now been a professional photographer for over 10 years, not only do I get to be my own boss but I

absolutely love my job. I love capturing expressions, a persons beauty and the unforgettable

moments in a couples special day. As you can see my style of photography is mostly bright and vibrant,

I also love giving my images a vintage and overly contrasted feel.

A photograph should tell a story and this is what I aim for in every shoot I do. Although I do have my own style of photography

I will always take the clients requirements on board and create final images that always exceed their expectations.

About me


I also shoot moving images and film content!

Some of my recent projects


Here's some of my recent photography work

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